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MGGM Assemblies provides high quality services for the industry, offering maximum safety, trust and professionalism.

The answer you need in terms of industrial assemblies and maintenance services:

  • Specialised team, network of partners and advanced tools: Capacity and Resources

  • Comprehensive service, managing turn-key projects. Assemblies/Installations and Maintenance

  • Quick answers that conform to your needs, execution time and working hours, and that allow us to work in parallel with your equipment: Execution

Meet MGGM Assemblies and compare without obligation.


What do we offer you?

Capacity and resources

MGG Assemblies offers you a valuable combination of Talent – our people-, Resources –specialised machinery-  and external Network of Partners in all national and international projects, which are managed from our headquarters.

MGGM Assemblies’ team has a long experience in industrial assemblies, mechanical works, maintenance services, approved welding, etc. anywhere in the world:

  • Technical supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Specialised assemblers
  • Approved welders
  • Pipe-fitters
Specialised machinery

MGGM Assemblies provides you with specialised machinery and has the necessary tools to appropriately carry out the assembly and maintenance works.


MGGM Assemblies has built its network of partners to satisfy those needs that derive from its activity, so as to complement its services, freeing the customer of any worries in that respect.


MGGM Assemblies makes sure that all the staff has the necessary tools and training to appropriately carry out the assembly and maintenance works, with a respectful attitude towards the environment, quality and safety on site.

High quality

We guarantee a turn-key service for the industrial assemblies, commissioning of plants, as well as maintenance tasks adapted to your needs and to the most demanding requirements.

Business segments


MGGM Assemblies supports “Execution”, so that you and your company can work continuously. Your plant or project require a business response. MGGM Assemblies adjusts its services to your needs, execution times and working hours.

The flexible structure of MGGM Assemblies allows us to adapt ourselves to the customer’s needs, which are set by programmed projects or production stops. We also give a quick response to those incidents or problems that may occur, acting rapidly. We can work in autonomous teams or in parallel with other teams or with the customers themselves.

MGGM Assemblies delivers a quick and efficient answer in each case, offering great solving capacity and professionalism in all industrial fields anywhere, also at international level.


We offer you our specialised knowledge, adjusting our services to your needs, so as to improve your competitiveness. We carry out specific tasks, but also the planning, execution, commissioning and turn-key projects of assemblies and industrial plants, as well as the corresponding preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

Mechanical Assemblies

Long experience in mechanical assembly services:

  • Mechanical assembly of industrial plants, production lines
  • Disassembly, removal and assembly of machinery, tanks, motors, etc.
  • Metallic structures and claddings
  • Assembly of envelopes, fences, walkways
  • Welding works

Small and big diameter piping installations:

  • Prefabrication of stainless and carbon steel piping and/or conduits
  • Plastic piping
  • Commissioning of the facility

Highly efficient, flexible and programmed industrial maintenance service that takes into account performance and production.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Upgrading during programmed stops
  • Commissioning assistance

Significant projects

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